Are you tired of having boring hair or feeling like you have had the same style ever since forever? Thinking about dying your hair pink for a change? Well, it does sound fun. We see those hair samples on the dye color shelves and instantly want every single one of them. Changing your hair color might just be what you need to freshen up your look or have a brand new one. 

Getting a professional stylist to dye your hair is the one thing you can do to ensure you get perfect results but what if you have not gotten enough time to visit a salon? They can be quite pricey too. So, if you are considering dying your hair at home then this article will help you out achieve the best results. Although dying sounds fun it can be a difficult process and you will have to be really careful while using the products. Dying products usually contain a lot of chemicals and this is why taking precautions is necessary. No matter what, do not leave your hair dye in for more time than specified as it can damage your hair severely. Here is what can happen if you leave your hair with the hair dye on for too long:

Leaving Hair Dye in for Too Long:

The first thing that will happen inevitably is that your hair will get dyed a darker shade than you intended for it to be. The longer the dye sits, the darker your hair will get. Your hair might become over-processed due to the chemicals present in hair dyes and it may become brittle, giving it the effect of a wig. Although all of your hair would not fall off it will start looking really unnatural. Depending upon the dye you use, you can get different results:

  1. Permanent Dye:
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Stronger chemicals are used in permanent dyes that can easily damage your hair if you leave the dye in for too long. Your hair can become excessively dry as the dye will start absorbing moisture in the hair follicles and dry hair is prone to breakage. If you have thin hair then the chances of breakage are even more.

  1. Semi-Permanent Dye:

Semi-permanent dyes do not contain strong chemicals like peroxides so if you leave them in for too long, there will be less to no damage. You will, however, get hair that is a darker shade than you initially wanted them to be.

We all know leaving in the dye for too long can cause damage but accidents happen. What if you got lost on Netflix or your best friend called you to talk about something really important and you forgot all about the hair dye? Do not worry your hair will not fall out and here are some tips that you can try to minimize the damage.

What to do if you leave hair dye in for too long?

While your hair might not fall off, it will become weaker and will require more care to bounce back to being healthy. Here is what you need to do:

Heating tools can cause enough damage on their own and using them on your already damaged hair might be the end of them. Even if you are using heat-protectant sprays, the damage might be too much for your weak hair. Avoid using heating tools like curling or straight irons for at least a month to nourish your hair back to health. 

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The best way to pamper and nourish your hair is by massaging nourishing oils in it. Use oils like coconut or extra virgin olive, heat them up for 30 seconds and then apply them to your hair, making sure you cover all the area and then cover the hair with a shower cap or a towel. You can sleep with oils on and it will give them maximum time for nourishing or you can simply leave them on for an hour or two. Try applying the oil at least twice a week and continue doing so even after your hair is healthy because oils are really necessary for maintaining healthy hair. 

This might sound bad but it is necessary, cutting off the damaged ends will make way for healthy hair and that is what you need. You might have to cut off an inch or two depending upon the damage that has been caused. Even if you were trying to grow out your hair, you will still have to cut off the ends because the brittle and damaged ends will only continue to split up and bring further damage. You can visit your stylist to see how much hair should be cut off necessarily.  

Your hair needs all the love and care you can give right now. Be as gentle as you can be with your hair, especially while brushing or washing it. Use a wooden bristle brush and use sulfate-free shampoos. Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet at all costs. Your hair needs moisture the most so make sure you are using all the moisturizing products that have very less chemicals. Go for natural stuff and avoid using too many products at once. Also, decrease the number of times you wash your hair in a week since wet hair is more prone to breakage. 

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Eating your greens and all the healthy stuff will make your hair grow healthier quickly. Spoil your hair by eating less junk and processed food and more fruits and meat. Despite what you believe, our diet can affect our hair greatly so make sure you stick to a good one. Drinking lots of water is another thing you can do to make sure your hair gets the required moisture and stays healthy. 

Dying your hair at home might be convenient but it can be dangerous if you do not take proper precautions, make sure you read and follow all the instructions given on the dye box. Do a patch test before applying the dye all over your head to ensure it is not irritating your skin. Be mindful of the time after you have applied the dye, the best way to make sure you remove the dye on time is to put on a timer or an alarm on your phone, a dye needs to be in your hair for no more than 25 minutes. Even if you have left the dye for too long, you can easily undo the damage by providing the best aftercare for your hair and giving it a little more attention and love for a few months.