Ask anyone what face feature they like the best and that they will “eyes”. The eyes are the window to our soul and this is why people try so many things to beautify their eyes. Putting different styles of makeup on them, be it smoky or multicolored, putting eyeliner on them in different styles like a cat eye or a wing. People even use colored lenses to enhance their eyes and make them prettier. One such thing that plays an important role in beautifying the eyes is eyelashes.

Who does not want their eyelashes to be voluminous or long and curled? Using an eyelash curler, mascara, and applying fake lashes is a basic part of any makeup look. Although there is one thing that works better than fake lashes, yes you guessed it right “the eyelash extensions”. Eyelash extensions are widely used by all women around the globe and are slowly replacing fake lashes. They come in different shapes and sizes, some lengthier than others, some thicker than others, or some natural-looking. 

Why are Eyelash Extensions Better than Fake Lashes?

Well, eyelash extensions are better than fake lashes in every way. They are more durable; they last longer and they give a more natural look. Eyelash extensions are made from synthetic silk, and human or animal hair. Fake lashes have to be applied and removed every time and they usually lose their stickiness after you have used them a couple of times whereas, after you have gotten eyelash extensions, they will remain intact for about 6 weeks or more. They can be customized exactly to your liking whereas fake lashes come in different sizes and have to apply like that. But with eyelash extensions, you can ask your beautician to apply them however you like, maybe you want more volume on the sides or maybe you want the middle to be less voluminous. Eyelash extensions are usually applied by an adhesive or a semi-permanent glue, each eyelash strand is glued separately between our natural eyelashes. 

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How to Remove Eyelash Extensions? 

After 6 weeks of application, you may notice your eyelash extensions have started to fall out, this is the time you remove the rest of the lashes to make your eyelashes look clean. If you do not have enough time on your hand to visit your beauty technician to get your lashes removed, then you can remove them at home. However, it will require precision and you will have to pay extra attention to safely remove the lashes. There are different types of products that you can use to remove eyelash extensions although you will have to remain very careful and the process might be a little painful. We are going to guide you on how to remove the extensions with the help of Vaseline petroleum jelly. 

Removing Eyelash Extensions with Vaseline:

Vaseline is commonly known as a moisturizer; it works great to heal cracked and dry skin and can be used all over the body but did you know it can also be used to remove eyelash extensions? The molecules of Vaseline can easily mix with the glue of eyelash extensions and make them loose so that they can be removed easily. Make sure you do not use any other brand of petroleum jelly other than Vaseline for this process since it has the finest quality. Many other petroleum jellies even have cancer-causing agents and it can be harmful to use them on the skin, especially on the sensitive skin around our eyes.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions:

It is quite an easy process and will take less than half an hour, you can easily do it yourself or ask a friend to help you out. You will require:

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Steps to Remove:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of any bacteria or germs since you will be touching your eyes and they are prone to irritation. 
  2. Take a new, unused cotton bud and dip it in the Vaseline, you do not need a huge amount of it, just a little to make sure the cotton bud is fully covered.
  3. Slowly apply the Vaseline onto the lash line, wipe the entire petroleum jelly on the entire length of the lashes and make sure every strand is covered fully. 
  4. Let it sit for 5 minutes and do not touch it. You can preferably sit under a fan so that the air reaches the lashes but make sure to not let the Vaseline over-dry. 
  5. Gently wipe the eyelash with a mascara brush and see if they are coming loose. You might have to apply some pressure but do not forcibly pull out as you might pull out your natural lashes.
  6. Wipe all the lashes away, they will come off pretty easily if the Vaseline is applied properly. 
  7. If some of the lashes are still not budging, you can repeat the entire process. 
  8. Wash your eyes with warm water and use the microfiber cloth to pat them dry or better yet, wash your entire face with a mild cleanser.
  9. Use a cotton bud to apply a little bit of olive oil onto your lash line to initiate healthy lashes and then wipe it out after a while.
  10. If you feel any irritation in your eye, wash the eye with cold water.

Eyes are very prone to bacterial infections and irritation so if you are removing your lashes at home, maintain a clean environment. Removing your lashes at home takes practice and you might not get perfect results the first time you try it. Throw away the eyelash extensions as they cannot be reused. Always make sure the tools you use on your lashes like an eyebrow brush or the eyelash curler are clean. In the end, remember that aftercare is important, make sure you apply a lash growth serum or Vaseline every night to your eyelashes before you go to bed. This will make your lashes grow longer and keep them healthy and clean.

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