In the world today people are more work-centric than in earlier times, having a work-life balance has been so tough for today’s generation creating a mass problem of depression and anxiety attacks. One out of six individuals suffer from depression each year. Depression and anxiety walk mostly together. World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that approximately 280 million people are suffering from this cognitive disorder, a major cause of disability and diseases globally. Though depression and anxiety are curable at all stages with mental wellness remedies and programs but these disorders also lead the majority to suicide and death. Curing these diseases with different remedies and medication has been so reachable for every individual at all stages but still, it goes uncured for the middle and lower class, most of the women are affected with a mental disorder as reported by WHO.

Patterns and Symptoms of depression and Anxiety

Before going for a medical recommendation, patients with disorders suffer from symptoms such as the feeling of emptiness and sadness for a period of two weeks continuously. Individuals suffering from depression mainly complain of feeling sad and hopeless, while anxiety involves nervousness, fear, and feeling of worry. Since the disorder varies from person to person, it is not definite that all patients suffer the same symptoms but the common symptoms of depression are

Individuals’ responses to traumatic situations are a part of anxiety, more individuals suffer from feelings of nervousness and fear that may be triggered by major life events or fear of trying something new. The symptoms of anxiety may show up like

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Causes of depression and anxiety

The root causes of depression and anxiety are different for anybody who is suffering, though the studies found that mainly depression and anxiety are driven by events such as Inheritance, experiencing traumatic situations like the death of a loved one, excessive use of drugs, alcohol and going through medical conditions as brain stroke or cancer.

Knowing the root cause of a person’s depression or anxiety is not possible, it may be caused by some biological inheritance or because of physiological, environmental, or mental wellness of how they perceived things.


Depression and anxiety are curable, and treatment of the disorders are helpful to shorten the period of depression last and reduce the symptoms the two best ways to treat anxiety and depression are

 Cymbalta (The Happy Pill)

Cymbalta is also known as Duloxetine, an antidepressant to treat people suffering from depression, anxiety, or any long-term pain. The medicine is also prescribed commonly to diabetic patients suffering from nerve pain. The commonly prescribed medicine (Cymbalta) is usually used is hazardous to take without the prescription of a doctor. The dosage depends upon the body mass, severances, and medical conditions of the patients. Antidepressants can make you more depressed if withdrawn immediately or without proper consultancy to stop the dosage.

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The doctor can prescribe the proper dosage and suggest what side effects can be mitigated by controlling your diet and foods to avoid while taking Cymbalta, but mainly the recommendation is common.

Foods to Avoid while taking Cymbalta

Though there is no restriction on controlling your diet that applies to all patients with disorders, the doctor can better prescribe according to the medical conditions but make sure to stay in control, there are some foods to Avoid while taking Cymbalta.

Though a misperception is driven that smoking releases depression in actuality quitting smoking may help cure depression and anxiety and taking Cymbalta with excessive smoking again raises the chance of negative effects in the body.

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Side effects of Cymbalta

Cymbalta is the most common medicine prescribed by doctors to cure depression and anxiety or any long-term pain, reported side effects of the medicine are found different in the body depending on medical conditions, and side effects may incur such as feeling dizzy, diarrhea, feeling of being sick, dry mouth and blurred vision.  


Cymbalta (Antidepressant) is useful but is used with proper prescription by the healthcare provider. Avoiding such serious disorders without proper treatment can lead individuals to suicide or harm themselves. Keeping a balanced life can help avoid such major problems and making psychological treatment a normal routine can help every individual to eliminate depression and anxiety. Taking care of things while undergoing treatment with Cymbalta it is mandatory to assure foods to avoid while taking Cymbalta to complete the treatment in a better way, though withdrawing from the Cymbalta or any antidepressant without any recommendation from a healthcare provider can lead to serious issues and may increase the depression and create more medical problems.