If you think your fingers are fat or chubby or you have big hands and no color or design suits them, then this article is definitely for you. We have gathered information from nail technicians and experts who deal with all types of fingers and nail shapes daily. You can easily get your nail shaped in certain ways to make your fingers long elongated or slim. There are some colors as well that suit the chubby fingers and make them appear thinner. If you have fat fingers then the following shapes will compliment you the best:

1. Almond Shaped Nails:

As the name suggests, the almond nails are shaped like almonds or an elongated sphere. This nail shape truly works wonders for people with chubby fingers. It will make your fingers look slim and thin and provide an overall feminine look to your hands. Almond nails have round and tapered tips with sides that are slender to give the fingers a lean look which is why they also work really well for short fingers. These nails can be worn to formal events as well as semiformal ones which make them perfect for your business meeting or office events.

2. Oval Shaped Nails:

If you think the rounded nail tips are boring then try the oval shape as they have a more definite peak which will make your fingers look longer and thinner. These nails look really natural and are perfect for you if you have to do a lot f practical work. They are also easy to get and you will just have to file your natural nails from the sides to achieve this look so if you do not have much time on your hands try this shape to instantly get slender-looking fingers. This shape also goes well with both long and short nails.

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3. Squoval Shaped Nails:

Square nails look pretty but unfortunately, they are not ideal for chubby fingers as they can make the fingers look even thicker than they already are. SO, what is the next best thing? It is the squoval nails. This shape is a mixture of square and oval and it can make your fat fingers look thing and give an overall sophisticated look to your hands. This nail shape is attained by keeping the center of the nail squared and more edgy-looking while the corners are oval and more delicate-looking. This is why these nails are perfect for both formal and informal events as they provide the best of both worlds.

4. Stiletto Shaped Nails:

If you prefer long nails and something out of the box then this style is for you. Stiletto nails have sharp pointy tips and are usually painted in bold colors. This point shape makes fingers look slender and long. Although these are not conventional and practical and should not preferably be worn for formal events. These are mostly acquired by applying for artificial nail extensions and are hard to achieve at home. If you are looking for a style that will get your hand noticed then Stiletto is the way to go.

These are some of the best nail shapes for chubby fingers but do not stop here. After you have shaped your nails and are ready to apply nail paint to them you need to consider which color will work best to make your fingers look thin and long. Even after you have achieved a nail shape that makes your fingers look slender, the wrong nail paint color can ruin the look. Here is a list of colors and designs that will work perfectly if you think your hands are fat:

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1. Nudes:

Nude colors are always in fashion and they work really well for chubby fingers as they allow your nail and finger to merge together giving your fingers a more lengthening look. Although nudes are good, you should get the nude color that matches your skin tone to get the best results. You can make sure if the color is the right fit by applying a little nail paint on your skin directly and then waiting for it to dry to see if the color matches your skin. You can also go 2 shades darker or lighter if you want something different.

2. Natural:

The all-natural look is easy to achieve and gives your nails that extra glow. Just shape your nails the way you want, push back the cuticle a little, and then apply a clear nail coat on them to give them a more sophisticated look. It will give your nails a shine and make for an effortless and beautiful look. This will make your nail look longer and then that will, in turn, make your fingers look long as well.

3. French Manicure:

A clean white line on the tip of the nail for the well-known French manicure. This will provide your nails with an elongated effect and give your hands an overall sophisticated and fashionable look. Make sure the line is seamless and the width of the line is not too wide or too thin as that can make your nails look shorter. Practice by drawing the line in different widths and then go with the width that looks best.

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4. Stripes:

Using patterns like stripes will not only elongate the look of your nails but will also make them ready for your not-so-casual occasions. If you want to amp up your regular nails that apply stripes from the base of the nail to the tip. You can use nude colors for your base and different bright colors like blue or yellow for stripes. You can also use a darker shade of nude for the stripes as that will make your nails look twice as long. You also mix some colors up and use different colors for each stripe to achieve an even more unique look.

So, these are some of the ways that will help you out if you think your fingers are chubby. You can always experiment around with other shapes and colors and you might come across something that suits your nails even more. Remember to care for your nails and keep them moisturized to maintain that healthy look.