Intermittent fasting is the most popular weight-loss diet that describes a simple concept: You can have whatever you want but during a specific time. However, it’s not like some other diet fads.

When it comes to weight loss, the research on traditional intermittent fasting is compelling. Though indeed, fasting can potentially reprogram your immune system, similarly the reason why fasting may contribute to weight loss is that you’re simply adding fewer calories overall when you’re restricting yourself to eat on a specific period.

One of the foremost reasons why (IF) is so attractive to many people is that it doesn’t require counting calories or tracking macros, but instead simply setting an eating window that’ll work for you. And there’re many IF apps to choose from, it’s up to your choice that whether you prefer the 5:2 diet, the standard 16:8 schedule, or strict the One Meal a Day (OMAD) plan. If you try IF, just make sure that the foods you’re having should have enough amount of nutrients to fulfill the needs of your body.

An intermittent fasting app can help you stay on track, it doesn’t matter which IF schedule you might be thinking to consider. There’re plenty of android and iOS apps as well that offer all kinds of various features. Most of the IF apps have stopwatches with built-in reminders and notifications. You can choose the IF app that offers tracking of hydration, healthy recipes, and other features.

Top Intermittent Fasting Apps

  1. Zero

Zero is one of the most popular IF apps, as it doesn’t only contain all the timers, journals, and tools but the app is also filled with articles on topics such as beverages to drink during fasting and how to get better sleep. It does tell you what your body is supposed to be doing during that time frame of fasting

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2. Window

Though the app is free to download but you’ll have to buy the paid version to explore other features. The paid version of the app is $40/ year where you can read blogs written by leading nutritionists, lean gains, OMAD, and warrior. It is one of the only IF app which allows its users to toggle between fasting and eating window durations both in the calendar overview setting and while looking at user stats. The fact that it is also a weight tracker is an added benefit.

3. Sunrise Fasting

The best IF app that provides an accurate sunrise and sunset time according to your area. You can also choose other options in this app like it doesn’t only allow you to customize your fasts and weights by inputting your personalized regimen, but it does allow its users to take notes and track their mood in the app, too. Sunrise fasting app doesn’t push its users aggressively to buy the premium version.

4. Fastient

If you’re looking for a simple app without any bells and whistle then fastient is a must look- option. The IF app makes you able to write down notes and write your concerns about your progress. It helps you to stay focus and keeps you motivated. The premium version has some additional features like being able to add progress pictures and if the one wishes to buy this app for the lifetime it costs only $12.

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5. FastHabit

This IF app is known for its easy-to-read graphics, calendars, and reminders at a very low price. It can also be linked to your apple watch. The user of this IF app reviewed: Since I have this app, it doesn’t only tell me about my fasting hours but also keeps me motivated and thinking about how good I’m doing, It pushes me a bit on those days when I feel to give up.

6. Simple

As the name implies the specific IF app is very simple to use. It’s compatible with both the apple watch and Fitbit’s operating system. You can’t only log your meals in depth but you can have a record of hydration and activity stats.

7. BodyFast

Another IF app comes into play with over 30 million downloads, is easy to use, and allows you to frequently switch to the fast you’re on depending on your goals and needs of that day or week. Plus this app offers weekly challenges and trophies which keep you motivated throughout your fasting journey.

8. Fastic

If you want to be a part of community of other fasters (20 million to be exact) then this Fastic app is for you. This app offers basic features like a fasting timer, water tracker, and step counter but you’ll be going to buy paid version if you need to access more options in this app and it costs $12 a year. The upgraded version doesn’t only give you recipes, challenges and but it makes you stay motivated while you’re struggling throughout your fasting journey. Other prolific feature of this app is while having fasting you can explore that what is happening in the body.

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9. Vora

A basic fasting tracker that is very convenient to use and it also encourages you to post about your fasts on social media. The user of this app reviewed: I love to see my old fasting graphs and this thing keeps me motivated. Another review by a user: Vora has helped me to lose 45 pounds in less than four months.

Wrap Up

Above are the top apps that are really useful when you’re beginning your intermittent fasting journey. By using any of the above apps with consistency you can achieve your goal easily.